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BIO: Garth Derwood Pettit Born 20 November 1931 in Henley Beach, South Australia. Lived in Port Lincoln, South Australia from birth. Attended Port Lincoln Kindergarten, Port Lincoln Primary School, Port Lincoln High School from 1936 to 1947. Adelaide High School, Adelaide South Australia: 1948 Leaving Honours. Attended University of Adelaide, School of Dentistry: 1949 to 1953. Graduated Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS): November 1953 General Dental Practices: • Port Lincoln, South Australia 1954 to 1956 • U.K. from 1956 to 1980: • Alice Springs, Northern Territory from 1981 to 1991: • Retired from dental practice in December 1991 In July 1996 his youngest granddaughter was diagnosed with mild tooth decay. He created a mission to Prevent Oral Diseases in Children. He became a Northern Territory Government dentist in January 1997 to research for proposed books. •,: Nhulunbuy. 1997 to 1999 • Australia,: Groote Eylandt 1999 t0 2002 • Created the oral hygiene instruction Treat Your Mouth in 2001. Early 2002 he self-published a C.D. and 10 paperback books • Northern Territory: Katherine  2006 to 2010 • 2008 published through Morgan James Publishing, LLC, New York, a paperback book : Sensational Smiles, Simple Advice 4 Your Smile 2 Shine from Teen Age to Old Age.. Available from Amazon Books • 2009 published through Morgan James Publishing, LLC, New York, another paperback book: Stop The Rot, Stop Telling Children “Brush Your Teeth”. • It was when working in Katherine and surrounding communities that the oral hygiene instruction changed again to Treat Your Whole Mouth and finally to Paint Your Mouth In late 2009, Due to his wife’s serious health problems, he returned to live reside with her in Adelaide, South Australia.. In February 2011 he published, in Amazon Kindle, twelve eBooks which are now titled “Teaching Oral Disease Prevention”. In a video presentation at the 4th East Asia Pacific Congress & Expo on Dental and Oral Health, July 27-29, Brisbane, Australia he announced publication of his latest eBook: Oral 7 Hygiene Instructions, Paint Your Mouth. At the 18th Asia Pacific Dental and Oral Care Congress, November 21 to 23, Melbourne Australia he presented a video titled Educating Children in Oral Disease Prevention.