June 24, 2016

Dr. Garth Pettit’s WorldWide Radio Broadcast 24 June 2016

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 Dr. Garth Pettit’s “WorldWideRadioBroadcasting.com” Interview 24 June  2016

Subject: Dr.Garth Pettit’s “WorldWide Radio Broadcasting Interview 24 June 2016

Worldwide Radio Broadcast with Interviewer Charles Varriale

At WorldWide Broadcasting we have the unique opportunity to interview distinguished individuals who’ve made significant contributions to their respective industries and fields.

Joining us today is Dr Garth Pettit who is the sole director of 4 Your Smile 2 Shine Pty Ltd

“How are you doing today Garth?”

My Opening reply:

Hello Charles, I’m fine and very grateful for this radio broadcast opportunity.

These 2 quotes typically confirm the problems I have been addressing for the past 21 years.

They’re from Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health’s article in the University of Adelaide’s Research Impact Brochure, for 2011, on Page 30:


Despite approximately $1 billion dollars annually being directed to children’s dental services in Australia in the last decade, their oral health has actually worsened” (said Professor Spencer……..).


 “Answering Dental SOS for children and Indigenous Australians. The challenge is to identify barriers to our children’s dental health so we can eliminate them. Poor diets, bottled water, low fluoride toothpastes and lack of education are just some of the reasons behind the deterioration of oral health in children and Indigenous Australians”. (END of QUOTE)

Charles I’ve been addressing these problems for 21 years. Just two of my eBook resources would eliminate these latter problems.

  • Is titled “Oral7 Hygiene Instructions Paint Your Mouth” and
  • Is a series of 12 and more eBooks titled “Teaching Oral Disease Prevention”.


This radio interview with you makes it possible for me to inform many, many more individuals, parents, teachers, schools, dentists, dental therapists and dental hygienists throughout the world that the instruction “Brush Your Teeth” is passed it’s use-by-date.


Every listener will know I have created an oral hygiene instruction more appropriate for them in this 21st Century.

In 2002 I titled it “Treat Your Mouth”

In mid 2007 I retitled it “Treat Your Whole Mouth”.

In late 2007, I re-titled it “Paint Your Mouth”.

It predictably prevents common oral diseases such as tooth decay, gum, diseases, bad breath and stained teeth and many related adult diseases.


Listeners world-wide will become aware of my long list of Amazon eBooks that teach oral disease prevention.

They are inexpensive, interactive, entertaining eBooks that provide readers with a comprehensive oral health care education for both children and adults.

They are ideal teaching resources for parents and for school teachers in schools.

Also, there are 4 FREE eBook samples that can be read before buying them.

Fourthly, Charles,

I’m especially excited for children.

With these books their parents and or school teachers can teach kids how to prevent oral diseases.

Tens of millions of children world-wide could be taught using one school computer and one downloaded eBook titled “Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 thru 12”. Just one outlay of US$ 49.99 on one computer shared by teachers in all classrooms, year after year.

Q1:  Garth, why is “Brush Your Teeth” passed it’s use-by-date?


“Brush Your Teeth” instruction began in 1500 B.C. when a Babylonean, a non-dentist, created a Chew Stick.

A Chew Stick is simply made by breaking a twig from a tree, removing the foliage and chewing one end to make it frayed.

“Brushing Your Teeth” with the frayed end of a Chew Stick was advised to clean tooth enamel surfaces.

Sap from some trees was also thought to be beneficial.

Even today the chew stick is used by many people in many countries.

In 1498, not many years after the sugar trade started to spread around the world from New Guinea, the enamel of rich people’s teeth began decaying, not just staining.

It did not affect poor people’s teeth because they could not afford to buy sugar.

In that year a Chinese Emperor, another non-dentist, looked at the Chew Stick, said to himself “what if the frayed end of a Chew Stick instead of being in line with the handle, it was at right angles to the handle?

The Chinese Emperor invented and actually Patented the first ever “tooth brush” made with bristles.

He took bristles taken from the back of a Siberian Hog’s neck then embedded them at right angle into bone or bamboo handles.

That made it much more efficient than the Chew Stick for cleaning teeth surfaces!

Tooth Paste was invented by a French dentist, Dr Julien Botot in 1755.

He invented it for his special patient. King Louis XV of France.

Mouth Wash also was invented by him for his King in the same year.

Currently, in the 21st Century, there are dozens of choices for tooth brushes, tooth pastes, mouth washes and many of other aids that claim to keep mouths healthy.






It is a Cause of oral diseases because it does not remove all harmful plaque from a mouth!


Q2  Garth, tell us about your new oral hygiene instruction “Paint Your Mouth”.

Charels, it took me 3 names before I convinced myself it was the most appropriate name for the instruction.

In 1992, I named it “Treat Your Mouth”.

In early 2007 I re-named it “Treat Your Whole Mouth” to emphasise the whole mouth.

In late 2007 I finally renamed it “Paint Your Mouth”.

Because one day I asked my classroom of children:

“Would you like me to show you how to Paint Your Mouth.

Without hesitation their response was an ECSTATIC YES.

They loved the idea! I had their entire attention!

They wanted to know how to “Paint Your Mouth”.

They were excited!

And so was I.

PAINT YOUR MOUTH is the ideal oral hygiene instruction because:    It removes all harmful plaque from all 7 mouth surfaces, teeth, gums, tongue, roof, floor, cheeks and lips.

It finally leaves helpful plaque on all these surfaces.

Calling a tooth brush a “MOUTH BRUSH” and tooth paste “MOUTH PASTE” emphasises it is not just TEETH we are concerned with.

Paint Your Mouth with a Mouth Brush and Mouth Paste emphatically accentuates MOUTH.

All 7 surfaces become covered with harmful plaque when eating and or drinking.

Those surfaces are: Teeth, gums, tongue, roof, floor, cheeks and lips.

  1. Paint Your Mouth instructs removal of all of this harmful plaque from all of these 7 surfaces in the mouth by cleaning with mouth brush and mouth paste
  2. Paint Your Mouth then instructs the removal of this harmful plaque from the mouth by thoroughly rinsing with water.
  3. Then instructs covering all 7 mouth surfaces with helpful plaque with mouth brush and mouth paste.
  4. Then instructs to spit out the EXCESS helpful plaque but not rinsing with water.


Astonishing as it may seem, My “TREAT YOUR MOUTH” oral hygiene instruction was the first ever, truly oral, oral hygiene instruction to have been created and the first to have been created by a dentist.

Q3 “Garth you said earlier that you intended to author oral healthcare books.  Can you tell us more about that?

Certainly Charles.

My World Wide Radio Broadcasting Interview will alert millions of people world-wide to 2 printed books and seventeen eBooks that I have published during my mission to prevent oral diseases in children.

 Searching  www.Amazon.com for Dr. Garth Pettit brings up all of my eBooks and my 2 Soft cover printed books.

All my eBooks have been 5 Star reviewed by professional book reviewer, Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews.

One eBook, “Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 thru 12” has been twice 5 Star reviewed: once by Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Reviews and another by Cindy Wolfe Boynton from Foreword Reviews

All of the eBooks have 8, lovable, friendly, cartoon characters who are EXPERTS:

  1. GarGar The Dentist is my Alter Ego.
  2. Croc-o-Smile, my expert on teeth.
  3. PadPaw, my expert on gums.
  4. Booksie Owl, my expert on tongues.
  5. Kook-a-Mum and Kooksie, my experts on the roof of mouth.
  6. Ruby Roo, my expert on floor of mouth.
  7. Grinny Squirrel and Ben Bilbie, my experts on cheeks.
  8. Minnie and Munchie Koalas, my experts on lips of mouths.

Children and adults who have studied these eBooks will predictably prevent common oral diseases.

Adults also will predictable prevent many associated general diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s Disease, dementia and diabetes.

The first books that I self-published in 2002 started was a set of 10 books clumsily titled:

MouthWise Oral HealthCare Manuals. Manual 2, Visit 1 and ended with Manual 2, Visit 10.

They were lots of fun,

They were set up like comics

They featured GarGar The Dentist and his 7 mouth Experts with activities, cartoons and questions.

But printing them made them expensive.

In mid 2007 I published a soft cover book titled “Sensational Smiles, Simple Advice 4 Your Smile 2 Shine, From Teenage to Old Age

 It’s still available from Amazon when searching “Dr Garth Pettit” as is the following book.

“Stop The Rot. Stop Telling Children “Brush Your Teeth”.

Late in late 2007 My wife became seriously ill.

I resigned my Government dental position in The Northern Territory and returned permanently to Adelaide in South Australia.

It was several months before I was able to return to my mission, Prevent Oral Diseases in Children.

Electronic copies I had of the original 10 printed books then became very useful in creating eBooks.

Two new eBooks were created to begin the series and were followed by the extensively revised electronic copies of the 10 printed books.

Thus there became a 12 eBook series.

They were published in Amazon in late 2007.

Subsequently since 2007 they’ve been improved and republished 3 times.

Many improvements accompanied by changing Titles, changing Front Cover Graphics and changing Contents have occurred. 

The latest editions are currently titled “Teaching Oral Disease Prevention” and they are listed below together with other published titles.

Common to all these eBooks is this Table of Contents:

Part 1: GarGar The Dentist Greets The SmileShine Gang

Part 2: GarGar The Dentist Teaches Paint Your Mouth

Part 3: Now It’s Fun and Exercise Time

Part 4: 4 Your Smile 2 Shine Lesson Test

Part 5: Lesson  Cartoon

Part 6: Certificate of Achievement

Part 7: GarGar’s MouthWise Advice and Treat Stamps

Part 8: GarGar’s MouthWise LifeWise Tips

Part 9: Answers to Questions

Part 10: About The Author

Part 11: Author’s Books

Part 12: Requests, Book Reviews, Websites

Also,  before I talk about each eBook let me describe other features common to these books.

  • Most have 12 Parts, or 12 Chapters
  • In Part 1 GarGar The Dentist Greets The SmileShine Gang
  • It is easy to move around inside of these eBooks:
  • Each Contents Page has links to each Chapter or Part
  • Each Chapter or Part has a link back to the Contents Page
  • From the Contents Page a graphic titled “My GarGar The Dentist Activity Album” can be downloaded………………………. Like the numerous other graphics it’s FREE. Yes it’FREE!………..
  • As the name suggests children can insert this into the front cover of a loose leaf folder to keep a record of the numerous activities they do when learning from the set of 12 eBooks.
  • Kids love albums!
  • They’ll proudly show off THEIR MY GARGAR THE DENTIST ACTIVITY ALBUM to friends, relatives, even strangers.
  • And every time they look at their album they’ll be revising.
  • They’ll rapidly become experts in oral healthcare and become eager to learn more from subsequent eBooks.
  • Another popular FREE downloadable graphic which can be hung on a bedroom wall is “My BEDROOM POSTER”.
  • It has 8 pictures of GarGar The Dentist with his 7 SmileShine Gang Members.
  • Along the top is written “ Hello and good morning from GarGar The Dentist and The SmileShine Gang.
  • What are you going to do today, 3 times today?
  • Paint Your Mouth?
  • Then there’s a link: PaintYourMouth.com/kids-comments
  • Here children can make their comments on this web page and see their names on the web!
  • For each of the numerous exercises, both written and drawn, in these eBooks there are special FREE downloadable stationery pages.
  • This stationery makes answering easier, keeps Albums tidy and make it easy for mums, dads or teachers.
  • I would love to see them being used by teachers in schools
  • Each of 10 Lessons have FREE downloadable Cartoons for their Albums
  • Each of the 10 Lessons have FREE downloadable Certificates of Achievement that look great in Albums


Now here is a brief description of the main topic for each eBook:

Title: Oral 7 Hygiene Instructions Paint Your Mouth

Describes why Brush Your Teeth is a poor oral hygiene instruction and why Paint Your Mouth is your ideal oral hygiene instruction. GarGar The Dentist and his SmileShine Gang make will appeal to children and adults.

Title: Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 of 12

Subtitled “Learn Why Paint Your Mouth is Better Oral Hygiene Than Brush Your Teeth”.

GarGar The Dentist with his 7 Smile Shine Gang Members skilfully teach children and adults why Paint Your Mouth is better oral hygiene than Brush Your Teeth.

Title: Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 2 of 12

In “Visit 2 of 12 to GarGar The Dentist children learn the Lyrics of GarGar The Dentist’s Song: “Mouth Painting I Will Go”.

The melody is the old nursery rhyme “A Hunting We Will Go”.

The lyrics are my oral hygiene instructions “Paint Your Mouth”.

3 of 12 is Subtitled “Lesson 1, “What Are Stix, Y, Zed?”

It’s an introductory lesson about chemical elements, simple compounds and complex compounds which can’t be seen but that are inside all foods and drinks they continually put into their mouths.


4 of 12 is Subtitled Lesson 2, “Who Are X. Y. ZED?”

Encourages children to learn about ingredients on food and drink packaging and to become aware which ingredients can be either harmful or helpful or harmless.

5 of 12 is Subtitled Lesson 3, “Where are X. Y. Z. in My Mouth”

Describes where plaque can build up on all 7 surfaces inside a mouth and how that plaque can be either harmful or harmless or helpful.

6 of 12 is Subtitled Lesson 4, “X.Y.Z. Plaque and Lurkeez”

Describes how food and drink elements become mixed up inside of plaque and how plaque can build up layer upon layer of plaque if left alone and allowed to.

7 of 12 is Subtitled Lesson 5, “Lurkeez and Nasteez”

Describes how bacteria inside of plaque can rapidly multiply in numbers which then break food remnants in the plaque into very harmful chemicals.

8 of 12 is Subtitled Lesson 6, “A Plaque Attack on Gums

Describes how the collar around a tooth, the gingiva, becomes filled with many of the 700 types of bacteria that dwell naturally in mouths.

Out-of-control this causes gingivitis which is easily recognisable by red, swollen and bleeding gums.


9 of12 is Subtitled Lesson 7, “A Plaque Attack on Teeth and Tongue”  Describes how tooth enamel can decay, can progressively move from the tooth surface to deeper in the enamel, then into the tooth nerves, then down the tooth’s root and finally into the jaw bone where it becomes an abscess.

It also describes how tongues can go from pink to become furry.

10of12is Subtitled “Lesson 8, Harmful, Helpful and Harmless X.Y.Z.” Describes which foods and which drinks are either harmful, or helpful or harmless when in the mouth.

And again, lots more activities to engage kid’s attention.


11 of 12. Is Subtitled Lesson 9, “How To Paint Your Mouth”

Gives very detailed instructions on how to paint your mouth.


 12 of 12. is Subtitled, Lesson 10 “Some Farewell Fun”

Reminisces on previous lessons and has the lyrics and melody

both by myself, Garth Pettit in 2002, of my oral healthcare song

“4 Your Smile 2 Shine”.

Title: Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 thru 12

Twelve Chapters in this eBook are the latter eBooks 1 of 12 to 12 of 12.

It’s a big book but links to and fro make it easy to crawl around it.

It’s also cheaper than purchasing all 12 single eBooks.

Title: Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile

Mothers are able to communicate with their foetus from 16 weeks to create foetal memories and will find this useful up until 5 years old.

Title: GarGar The Dentist Toddlers Activity Books. Book a

Introduces toddlers to GarGar The Dentist and his 7 SmileShine Gang Member experts.

Title: GarGar The Dentist Toddlers Activity Books. Book b

The topic “Explore Your Mouth, It’s Like A House” has kids feeling all 7 mouth surfaces.

That ends my eBook list.

Oral hygiene instructions are the most important instructions that any human being ever receives.

Only dentists, dental therapists and dental hygienists are uniquely trained to give oral hygiene instructions to their patients.

But if your dental professional’s advice is “Brush Your Teeth” then I suggest you find one who does advise “Paint Your Mouth”. Otherwise my advice is purchase the eBook “Oral 7 Hygiene Instructions Paint Your Mouth”.

Teaching Oral Disease Prevention is best done by parents or especially teachers

There are hundreds of books and eBooks that teach oral health education but all of them teach the instruction “Brush Your Teeth” which as you now know is 35 Centuries old.

My eBooks, listed above, are the only books that educate “Oral Disease Prevention” and, importantly, they are child-friendly and inexpensive.

For my Book Reviews go to www.PaintYourMouth.com/book-reviews 

For FREE copies of my books go to www.PaintYourMouth.com  Click eBooks link at top. Select from 3 to 4 FREE downloadable eBooks.

Q4. Garth, tell us about your mission since 1996 to “Prevent Oral Disease in Children”.

I’d love to Charles, it’s been an exciting journey, solving a serious problem.

My mission to ”Prevent Oral Diseases in Children” began in July 1996, 5 years after I had retired from general dental practice when then I was living in Adelaide, South Australia.

My daughter phoned me from Alice Springs in The Northern Territory of Australia to advise me that her daughter, our grand-daughter, had been diagnosed with mild tooth decay in an upper front baby tooth. I blamed myself.

My oral healthcare advice had not prevented oral disease.

Within days I decided to return to dental practice on this mission: “Prevent Oral Diseases in Children”.

I wanted to improve on the traditional hand-out pamphlets routinely given to patients and become an author of books that would educate children to understand why and how to prevent oral diseases.

In January 1997 I became the District Dental Officer in Nhulunbuy, East Arnhem Land in The Northern Territory of Australia.

I was delighted.

I would be working with children, parents, teachers and schools to research for my mission “Prevent Oral Diseases in Children”.

I was lucky with my research because it required me to annually record school children’s Decayed, Missing, Filled Teeth, or DMFT as it known.

All DMFT records throughout Australia were sent to the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCforPOH) in Adelaide, South Australia.

In 3 consecutive years, 2000, 2001 and 2002 at the remote district school in Numbulwar in East Arnhem Land something remarkable happened at my annual DMFT visit.

The 6 to 7 year old children’s teeth recorded no new decay and lots of arrested decay.

Feeling compelled to talk to the two classroom teachers I told them about no new decay and lots of arrested decay

I asked them if they could explain this phenomenon,

They replied, “Well we give our children a wholesome breakfast before classes begin.”

Knowing they would not have had that at home I commended them but said “That does not explain it. What else do you do?”

The teachers said “We hand out a toothbrush for each of our children, then squeeze tooth-paste onto the bristles.

Then we tell them to the outside water troughs”.

What do you instruct them, I asked?

“We tell them to ‘brush your teeth’ (PAUSE) ‘and rinse’ (Longer PAUSE) ‘and rinse and rinse your brush under the tap’.

The teachers meant by the first ‘rinse‘ to rinse their mouths, but children did not rinse their mouths because Australian Aborigines take instructions literally. So they rinsed and rinsed and rinsed their brushes under the tap.


The Result?  Lots of arrested tooth decay, no new tooth decay, healthy gums and no bad breath.

DMFT results for children in all other classrooms were exactly opposite. Lots of decay, gum disease and bad breath.

At that point of time in 2001 I had a set of Printed books ready for publication and put them on hold. Eventually they were super-ceded by my current eBook series.


Charles, on the 19th May 2016 ARC for POH announced results of their latest survey, 5 years later, with more bad news:


It shows high levels of sugary soft drinks and snacks, poor oral hygiene and a lack of regular check-ups is taking its toll. (End of Quote)


I receive Google Alerts daily, that echo these statistics in many, many countries throughout the world.


Charles, I Repeat “tens of millions of children world-wide could be taught using one school computer and one downloaded eBook titled, titled “Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 thru 12”. Just one outlay of US $49.99 on one computer shared by teachers in all classrooms, year after year”.


Children will continue to be denied good oral health until they are shown how to “Paint Your Mouth” and taught “Teaching Oral Disease Prevention”.

My most recent achievements are:

A Speaker on ”Paint Your Mouth” at The 4th Asia Pacific Congress and Expo on Dental and Oral Health in Brisbane July 27-29 2015.

Recognized as Professional of the Year in WorldWide Who’s Who Registry of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs 2015-2016 Edition.

Published a “Letter to The Editor of British Dental Journal” in September 2015.

Received invitations to speak on ”Paint Your Mouth” at congresses in Qatar, South Africa, Phillipines and Thailand

Requested to submit articles for 5 USA Dental journals.

And most importantly, this interview with you.

Charles, I thank you for helping me to alert millions of children and adults worldwide to

“Paint Your Mouth” and

“Teaching Oral Disease Prevention”.



In July 1996 the Australian author, Dr. Garth Pettit, received a phone call from his daughter who informed him that his 3 year old granddaughter had been diagnosed with mild tooth decay in an upper front baby tooth. They were living many miles apart, two full day trips by car. The doctor was angry with himself and with the lack of any decent oral health education available for children or parents.

Dr. Pettit then decided he would end his five years of retirement from private dental practices. He created a mission: Prevent Oral Diseases in Children. Then he set about seeking employment in the Government sector where he would be involved with children, their parents and their schools. In January 1997 he took up duties as District Dental Officer, East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory of Australia and was based in Nhulunbuy, a very beautiful coastal and bauxite mining town. The author thought it to be ideal for his research.

The Nhulunbuy Dental Clinic staff, which included three dentists, serviced several remote, Aboriginal Communities which were accessible only by aircraft. A fourth dentist responsible to him was based on Groote Eylandt. This dentist’s position was half Government and half private practice.

To concentrate more on his research the author, in early 1999, relocated to this position. It was here, in 1999, where he performed a Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat analysis on the instruction Brush Your Teeth, found it to be out-of-date (1497!) and created a better oral hygine instruction Treat Your Mouth. Later changed that to Treat Your While Mouth and finally changed to Paint Your Mouth….because kids just loved the idea to paint your mouth.

The Author’s most recent five star reviewed titles added to his Amazon account are:
Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile. Teaching Oral Disease Prevention
GarGar The Dentist Toddlers Activity Books. Book a
GarGar The Dentist Toddlers Activity Books. Book b
Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 of 12 etc. to 12 of 12
Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 thru 12. TThis combines all previous 12 titles into one convenient title.

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