The above listed eBooks do not teach the instruction Brush Your Teeth. Brush Your Teeth is a 15th Century tooth only cleaning instruction created by the Chinese Emperor who patented the first 'tooth brush' with bristles. His 'tooth brush' had bone or bamboo handles and he chose bristles taken from the back of a Siberian Hog's neck.

In the 15th Century very little, if any , was known about oral hygiene.  This Chinese Emperor was merely addressing the staining and rotting of teeth caused by sugar soon after the world-wide sugar trade spread from New Guinea. Rich people then were the only people who could afford to buy sugar. Poor people, who could not afford to buy sugar, were spared from these problems.

Since that point of time, in the 18th Century, Dr Botot, a French dentist, invented tooth paste and mouth wash. But every dentist since 1498 has advised patients to Brush Your Teeth. In more recent times dentists may well have given additional instructions added to Brush Your Teeth, particularly on additionally brushing gums. Also more recently, because of the glut of excessively promoted sugary drinks and foods, throughout the world, the Decayed, Missing, Filled Teeth index (DMFT) has spread to almost every country.

In 2002 I published ten printed books titled 'MouthWise Oral HealthCare Manuals. Manual 2, Visits 1 ...to 10. In those books, after several years of research, I promoted the oral hygiene instruction Treat Your Mouth. After more research, in 2007 it became Treat Your Whole Mouth. But soon after it became Paint Your Mouth because children reacted ecstatically to it and showed highly enthusiastic responses. 

I am the first dentist ever to have created an oral hygiene instruction, Paint Your Mouth. It is a totally oral, oral hygiene instruction. It removes all harmful plaque from all seven internal oral surfaces and replaces it with helpful plaque.

It is the absolutely ideal oral hygiene instruction. It is the ideal solution to preventing common oral diseases such as  tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath and stained teeth.

Paint Your Mouth, not Brush Your Teeth will also provide the best possible prevention of many general health problems such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, atheroscelosis, Alzheimers Disease, Dementia and Diabetes.

Ideally prevention of oral diseases can begin with Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile, the first eBook above. Then with Toddlers Activity eBooks and finally with Teaching Oral Disease Prevention eBooks. They are recommended reading for people of all ages because for as long as anyone continues to 'Brush Your Teeth" and not 'Paint Your Mouth" their oral hygiene will be greatly compromised.


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