Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 8 of 12


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How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 8 of 12 has been greatly enhanced and re-published! • New Title is Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 8 of 12 • The Five Star rated Lessons remain the same • New layout: Front information, The Lesson, Back Information • Hyperlinks from Contents to Chapters and Back Information • Hyperlinks from Chapters and Back Information to Contents • Link to Download this eBook’s Cover • Link to download this eBook’s Certificate of Achievement • Plus a Special Free Bonus: • Link to download the FREE cover graphic for an oral health album • Title? My GarGar The Dentist Activity Album • Keep in it? My eBook Covers. My Certificates of Achievement • And? My Drawings! And other free graphics from GarGar The Dentist • Albums, treasured by kids, will keep their focus on more learning More Info? Double Click on Next Image Purchase? Click Here