May 23, 2012

Kids’ Tooth Decay SOS # 14 For Parents and Educators

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Kids’ Tooth Decay SOS # 14 For Parents and Educators

Campbelltown, South Australia (EXPERTCLICK) May 23, 2012 – Dr. Garth Pettit, Oral Health Care Educator, Author of Kindle eBook, How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 12 of 12. Kids’ Tooth Decay SOS # 14.

Kids’ Tooth Decay SOS # 14: “My daughter will be 6 in July. She has never had a cavity but at her cleaning last week she had 3 small to medium sized ones in between her teeth.” Maggie.

Prevention of the common oral diseases tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath and stained teeth is simple if parents and educators know what oral hygiene instruction and what oral health care education to give to teach their children. The dental profession’s advice to prevent oral diseases, since the invention in the year 1498 of the first bristle toothbrush, has been “Brush Your Teeth”.

Children’s oral health care education, if at all, has been based on that advice; “Brush Your Teeth”. It has never changed! It is now timely for a change. “Brush Your Teeth” is a misleading oral hygiene instruction. Many people, taking it literally and simply brushing only teeth, are candidates for dental treatment throughout their lifetimes.

“That this instruction “Brush Your Teeth” has not succeeded in the prevention of oral diseases in children (and in adults!) is evidenced by the sheer, and ever- increasing, demand for treatment of all common oral diseases: both by children and by adults” says Author.

Dr. Garth Pettit advises parents and educators, in Kindle eBook, How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 12 of 12, to instruct children to “Treat Your Whole Mouth” or better still for children, “Paint Your Mouth” and to provide children with an oral health education based on that instruction. The Author recommends reading this recent review of this eBook.

Diane Donovan’s entire review for How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 12 of 12 is as follows:
How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 12 of 12
Learn GarGar The Dentist’s Oral Health Lesson 10
Some Farewell Fun

Dr. Garth Pettit, GarGar The Dentist
ISBN13: 9781920712266 (e-book, Volume 12)


“Lesson 10 concludes GarGar’s instructions to kids on how to fight tooth decay, and provides a history of his ‘paint your mouth’ concept. It identifies problems with the simple ‘brush your teeth’ approach which leaves out hygiene of the entire mouth, and discusses GarGar’s inspiration for his different program of all-mouth dental hygiene practices.

It also summarizes the previous lessons, provides the lyrics and melody to the song, and tells how GarGar was inspired to revise his dental instruction books published in 2002 to embrace techniques that were more child-friendly and fun.

Having the entire music to the song ‘For Your Smile to Shine’ assures that parents, teachers, schools and musicians will be able to produce the song for classrooms and activities.

The chapter concludes with a special “all lessons” Certificate Of Oral Health Excellence certifying that the child has read and absorbed all the lessons.

These books are reviewed individually because they can each stand alone in offering a segment of oral health instruction for the young picturebook reader accompanied by parental or teacher assistance, but their real power lies in the entire lesson plan taken as a whole.

The step-by-step building blocks of oral health understanding are carefully constructed with the young child in mind, reinforced by activities and quizzes, and provide an entire, unique program unparalleled in scope and nature.

Having the entire lesson plan available in other languages assures its interest to a wide audience around the world, making this entire set a powerful presentation.”

Reviewed by: Diane Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, April 2012

These eBook reviews are strongly recommended reading for children’s parents and educators whose responsibility it is to provide their kids with oral hygiene, oral health care and oral disease prevention information.

How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 12 of 12 is Chapter 12 of The eBook How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 1 thru 12 which has been Nominated in 7 Categories in Dan Poynter’s Global EBook Awards 2012.

Dr. Pettit profusely thanks Dan Poynter and ExpertClick for these free oral health care promotions which, hopefully, will help him to achieve his 1996 created Mission Statement: Prevent Oral Diseases in Children. “But this can’t be accomplished without additional help from children’s parents, educators, teachers and schools.” The Doctor says.

To purchase How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 12 of 12 go to:

A review by you, on , of How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? 12 of 12 will greatly assist the prevention of oral diseases in children especially as the five star review above, by Diane Donovan, was unbelievingly and unceremoniously removed by Amazon, thus denying it to children’s parents and educators.

Also your comments, on Kids’ Tooth Decay SOS # 14, will be welcome on my website, http://www.PaintYourMouth/Kids-Tooth-Decay-SOS-14

Dr Garth Pettit



In July 1996 the Australian author, Dr. Garth Pettit, received a phone call from his daughter who informed him that his 3 year old granddaughter had been diagnosed with mild tooth decay in an upper front baby tooth. They were living many miles apart, two full day trips by car. The doctor was angry with himself and with the lack of any decent oral health education available for children or parents.

Dr. Pettit then decided he would end his five years of retirement from private dental practices. He created a mission: Prevent Oral Diseases in Children. Then he set about seeking employment in the Government sector where he would be involved with children, their parents and their schools. In January 1997 he took up duties as District Dental Officer, East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory of Australia and was based in Nhulunbuy, a very beautiful coastal and bauxite mining town. The author thought it to be ideal for his research.

The Nhulunbuy Dental Clinic staff, which included three dentists, serviced several remote, Aboriginal Communities which were accessible only by aircraft. A fourth dentist responsible to him was based on Groote Eylandt. This dentist’s position was half Government and half private practice.

To concentrate more on his research the author, in early 1999, relocated to this position. It was here, in 1999, where he performed a Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat analysis on the instruction Brush Your Teeth, found it to be out-of-date (1497!) and created a better oral hygine instruction Treat Your Mouth. Later changed that to Treat Your While Mouth and finally changed to Paint Your Mouth….because kids just loved the idea to paint your mouth.

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