June 24, 2012

Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile – Five Star Review

Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile

Five Star Review of eBook ‘Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile’ by D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR:

“MOTHERS TEACH FOETUS ALL ABOUT A SMILE represents a compilation of extracts from all thirteen ‘How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth?’ titles by dentist Dr. Garth Pettit, and is a powerful survey from a dentist who bases his advice on research showing that mothers have the ability to communicate with their fetus as early as 16 weeks into pregnancy.
This revelation powers a unique approach to dental hygiene that offers mothers-to-be a program for fetus communication and baby health. It advocates singing and speaking words to impart elementary oral hygiene directions and create early pleasant associations about oral health, and it uses extracts of songs, text and characters from dentist Pettit’s prior books to help pregnant mothers begin early oral health education programs.
Online links are provided to song melodies, while the clear lyrics embellished with cartoon characters from Dr. Pettit’s prior books offer expectant mothers an easy and simple way to sing to and teach their unborn child.
The synthesis of all Dr. Pettit’s dental education basics into one easy primer for expectant mothers assures that dental insights will be received at quite an early age (pre-birth): an achievement that is unique and exciting.
There are very few books on the market that emphasize pre-birth health, and no dental care books that address subliminal and pre-birth approaches to dental health.
MOTHERS TEACH FOETUS ALL ABOUT A SMILE stands alone and will be of interest to any mother who wants the earliest start on a child’s dental awareness.”

Link to D. Donovan’s review for ‘Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile’ is:

Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile
Dr. Garth Pettit
4 Your Smile 2 Shine Pty Ltd
ISBN: 9780987346209


‘Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile’ is an abridged edition of the Author’s thirteen ‘How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth? eBooks which were awarded Five Star reviews by D.Donovan:

An executive summary of D. Donovan’s reviews:
”How can parents look after their kids’ teeth? Plenty of books discuss oral hygiene but most are aimed at adults, and there are very few picture books for young kids – which is where one should ideally begin with early preventative measures.”…“Oral 7 Hygiene: “Paint Your Mouth” is the first book in a series of 12, comes from a dentist who teaches children how to ‘paint their mouths’, and teaches a preventative program that is much better than just brushing teeth. (In fact, this series shows how brushing teeth often actually leads to poor oral hygiene.)”…“ but their real power lies in the entire lesson plan taken as a whole.”…“The step-by-step building blocks of oral health understanding are carefully constructed with the young child in mind, reinforced by activities and quizzes, and provide an entire, unique program unparalleled in scope and nature. Having the entire lesson plan available in other languages assures its interest to a wide audience around the world, making this entire set a powerful presentation.”…“Each chapter is packed with quizzes, drawing assignments, stamps, certificates of achievement: virtually everything a parent or educator needs to engage a child. Each chapter also emphasizes the child’s power in avoiding tooth decay and bad dental problems.”…“Any educator or parent seeking an oral health program directed to the young will find this entire set a winner, with translations in major foreign languages lending to world-wide usefulness.”
‘How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth?’ has more recently also received a second review from Cindy Wolfe Boynton, Foreword Clarion Review:

After ending a five rear retirement from December 1991 he returned to practice in January 1997 with a mission: prevent oral diseases in children. Created a new oral hygiene instruction Treat Your Mouth changed it to Treat Your Whole Mouth then to Paint Your Mouth. Kids loved to do it!

Soon after joining a Google Oral Health Group earlier this year, 2012, I was reminded of the difficulties mothers and their babies experienced when it came time to ‘Brush Your Teeth’. So I began thinking about solving this problem for them.

Searching Google for ‘foetus hearing’ and similar terms I was amazed at what I had discovered from these websites:
http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/your-baby/week-16/ear.aspx http://www.edu.helsinki.fi/lapsetkertovat/lapset/In_English/Huotilainen.pdf http://sciencenetlinks.com/lessons/what-happens-in-the-first-nine-months/

There were several pieces of information that amazed me:
• Mothers have the most amazing communication abilities to communicate with their foetus. Mothers voices, from a 16 week old foetus when “Tiny bones in your foetus’s ears are in place this week, making it likely that the baby can hear your voice when you’re speaking (or singing in the shower) at 16 weeks pregnant”

• “In fact, studies have found that babies who are sung to while they’re in the womb recognize the same tune when it’s sung to them after they are born (so choose your baby Muzak with that in mind…).”

• As the brain of Foetus develops so too do their memories. This is astounding!

Learning that mothers have this incredible capacity to create memories in the brain of their foetus was the trigger for me to write this eBook, Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile, to create pleasant foetal memories all about a smile.
I knew that I could solve mothers and babies with tooth brushing problems, but I could also help them with future oral health, oral health care and oral disease prevention.
Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile
• ‘Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile’, now itself a eBook, is an abridged edition of my thirteen Amazon Kindle, reviewed eBooks ‘How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth?’: Reviews by Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, MBR. http://www.midwestbookreview.com/mbw/apr_12.htm#donovan

• ‘How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth?’ has now also received a second review from Cindy Wolfe Boynton, Foreword Clarion Review: https://www.forewordreviews.com/reviews/how-do-i-look-after-my-kids-teeth-1-to-12/

• ‘ Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile’? I believe mothers need only to sing and speak words from ‘Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile’ for their foetus to create pleasant foetal memories of oral hygiene instructions and elementary oral health education.

• With this eBook mothers can create pleasant foetal oral hygiene memories and pleasant foetal oral health education memories that become important throughout their life as a baby, child and adult especially because of the interconnections between oral health, smiles, self confidence and success.

• ‘Extracts of songs, text and characters from my thirteen reviewed eBooks, How Do I Look After My Kids Teeth, will become pleasant foetal memories, ideally suited to subsequent oral health care education’ says the Author.

Pregnant mothers, I recommend you begin oral health education lessons for your foetus now. Prepare your foetus for a lifetime free from common oral diseases (tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath, stained teeth) and greatly reduce their risks of heart diseases, strokes and atherosclerosis later in life.


In July 1996 the Australian author, Dr. Garth Pettit, received a phone call from his daughter who informed him that his 3 year old granddaughter had been diagnosed with mild tooth decay in an upper front baby tooth. They were living many miles apart, two full day trips by car. The doctor was angry with himself and with the lack of any decent oral health education available for children or parents.

Dr. Pettit then decided he would end his five years of retirement from private dental practices. He created a mission: Prevent Oral Diseases in Children. Then he set about seeking employment in the Government sector where he would be involved with children, their parents and their schools. In January 1997 he took up duties as District Dental Officer, East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory of Australia and was based in Nhulunbuy, a very beautiful coastal and bauxite mining town. The author thought it to be ideal for his research.

The Nhulunbuy Dental Clinic staff, which included three dentists, serviced several remote, Aboriginal Communities which were accessible only by aircraft. A fourth dentist responsible to him was based on Groote Eylandt. This dentist’s position was half Government and half private practice.

To concentrate more on his research the author, in early 1999, relocated to this position. It was here, in 1999, where he performed a Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat analysis on the instruction Brush Your Teeth, found it to be out-of-date (1497!) and created a better oral hygine instruction Treat Your Mouth. Later changed that to Treat Your While Mouth and finally changed to Paint Your Mouth….because kids just loved the idea to paint your mouth.

The Author’s most recent five star reviewed titles added to his Amazon account are:
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