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In eBook 7 you could help children to understand the differences between new and old plaque. They begin to understand that plaque can be created to be helpful or harmful or harmless. Most adults would be unaware of this.

Oral 7™ Hygiene PAINT YOUR MOUTH Visit 7 of 12 Visits To GarGar The Dentist. English Edition eBook 7


An Oral Health Care Education eBook Resource For Children’s Parents, Teachers, Dentists, Dental Therapists, Dental Hygienists and Volunteers.


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Details English Visit 7 eBook:

• eBook released by Amazon Kindle June 2011

• USD $4.99


• ISBN: 978-1-920712-19-8

• Available from Amazon link below

Front Cover

Details English Visit 7 eBook:

• eBook released by Amazon Kindle June 2011

• USD $4.99


• ISBN: 978-1-920712-21-1

• Available from Amazon link below


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Oral 7™ Hygiene, Paint Your Mouth e-Book 7 of 12 Exciting Visits to GarGar The Dentist

It’s never been easy teaching children the importance of good oral hygiene. Until now! And simply brushing your teeth has never eliminated oral diseases.

Now you can make oral hygiene fun for kids with the Oral 7™ Hygiene Paint Your Mouth oral health e-books. These unique books contain the latest oral hygiene advice that best educates children in the basics of good oral health care.

Playful characters and fun-filled activities give children ways of preventing oral diseases such as tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath and stained teeth

Each e-book contains a quiz to test children’s knowledge of what they have learned plus a Certificate of Achievement for successfully completing each lesson. Also included are the lyrics of an oral health care song, “Paint Your Mouth”, re-enforcing the message of good oral care.

Give your children a lifetime gift of whiter teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath.

These 12 Visits To GarGar The Dentist Give Children Their Best Ever Oral Healthcare Education For Them Then To Become Self Motivated to Prevent Oral Diseases.

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The Author of ORAL 7™ HYGIENE books Dr Garth Pettit, five years retired from dentistry, returned to work again in January 1997 with the mission – Prevent Oral Diseases in Children. His intention was to create better oral health care education resources for their parents and teachers.

Research of the oral hygiene instruction Brush Your Teeth to prevent common oral diseases caused him to subject it to a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat analysis which revealed that it was a poor oral hygiene instruction and could even be a cause of oral diseases. It does not clean the entire mouth of harmful plaque nor leave surfaces protected against common oral diseases. In July 2002 Dr Pettit published a set of 10 books, 10 Visits to GarGar The Dentist, based on his new oral hygiene instruction ‘Treat Your Mouth’, created in 2001.

In 2007 he changed it to ‘Treat Your Whole Mouth’. However since 2009, constantly seeking the best, he noticed children were more responsive to ‘Paint Your Mouth’. For kids this oral hygiene instruction, Paint Your Mouth, introduced FUN, EMOTION and IMAGINATION which Dr Pettit believed were three important key factors to children becoming SELF-MOTIVATED to prevent oral diseases.

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• Visit 1 explains why Paint Your Mouth is a better oral hygiene instruction than Brush Your Teeth.

• Visit 2 teaches children the lyrics of the oral health song Paint Your Mouth.

• Visit 3 teaches children elementary factors about the foods, drinks, tooth pastes and other substances they frequently put into their mouths

• Visit 4 to GarGar the Dentist teaches children elementary things about ingredient lists on food and drink packaging

• Visit 5 to GarGar the Dentist teaches children where food and drink ingredients can stay in their mouths after meals

• In Visit 6 children learn how bacteria can multiply in plaque and cause oral diseases

• Visit 7 teaches children the differences between new and old plaque

• Visit 8 teaches children how gum diseases start and progressively get worse if allowed

• Visit 9 children learn how tooth decay and bad breath develop when harmful plaque remains after poor oral hygiene

• In Visit 10 children learn how and where to choose the best food and drink options

• In Visit 11 children learn how to execute their best oral hygiene advice, Paint Your Mouth

• In Visit 12 children learn the lyrics of another oral health so, 4 Your Smile 2 Shine, and summarizes all they have learned in all previous eleven Visits to GarGar The Dentist

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GIVE YOUR CHILDREN a lifetime gift of whiter teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath.


The eBooks Visit 3 to Visit 12 are revised editions of ten books published by the author in 2002 titled The MouthWise Oral HealthCare Manuals, Manual 2, ISBN 1-920712-01-1, Publisher; 4 Your Smile 2 Shine Pty. Ltd.. They were reviewed by The Education Department of The Northern Territory of Australia and The Education Department of Queensland, Australia. Both Education Departments recommended these ten books for use in their schools.


Testimonials on The Author’s book STOP THE ROT Stop Telling Children Brush Your Teeth.
ISBN: 978-1-60037-542-2 Publisher; Morgan James Publishing. New York

I am the mother of two children aged 11 and 14 years. When I started reading this book initially I was horrified. Do not tell my children to brush their teeth? After I read this book I was totally awed. Wow this book is amazing.

It made me realize that go brush your teeth doesn’t mean anything. Education is the key. This book makes you open your eyes and realize there is more to oral health care, more than just brush your teeth. This book is fantastic and a wonderful insight into looking after my teeth, my children’s teeth and my grandchildren’s teeth.

Lisa Dawes, Mother

‘As a semi-retired itinerant Dentist for the last 2 years I have worked in many practices in four states. I am yet to find a practice which educates people in the correct use of the so called “tooth” brush. This book has it all. Read it. Spread the Word. Teach yourself, your kids and your parents.’

Richard Conn BDS

Reading this outstanding book taught me how to “Treat My Whole Mouth” which I should have done since I received my first toothbrush. It teaches you so many lessons that everyone should learn.

Thea J de Leon, Queensland, Griffith University Student


Judy Le Cornu, an ex-dental assistant and visitor to Northern Territory attended for emergency dental treatment on 24 May 2010. I also gave Judy the oral hygiene instructions “Paint Your Mouth” and subsequently received these two emails from Judy:

21 June 2010: Hello Dr Pettit. “I have accessed your website and am applying your advice regarding cleaning my whole mouth and leaving the toothpaste in my mouth after the second application.. I would like to report to you that the almost total absence of plaque on my teeth is nothing short of amazing—I have struggled with this all my life. I have passed on your advice and website to others and I thank you for taking the time to talk with me about this.

Regards, Judy Le Cornu

27 June 2010: Hi Dr Pettit. My local dentist is an advocate for your oral hygiene methods and after discussing it with her last week she said she will be changing her advice slightly. Up until now she has been telling her patients to clean the whole mouth but in future will also advise a second brushing and retaining the toothpaste as you showed me. She also said it makes sense so I am spreading the word.

Regards, Judy Le Cornu.


GIVE YOUR CHILDREN that which most of you were never given: An ideal oral health care education.

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Thank you,

Dr Garth Pettit, Oral Health Care Educator & Author

PS: Imagine – No toothaches, no gum diseases, no bad breath, no stained teeth, no abscesses…… only pleasant trips to children’s dentist, dental therapist or dental hygienist……no treatment required!


Or perhaps you would prefer to purchase the eBook with all twelve Visits to GarGar The Dentist.

The eBook with all Visits from Visit 1 to Visit 12:

Oral 7™ Hygiene PAINT YOUR MOUTH All 12 Visits To GarGar The Dentist.

Front Cover

Details English Edition eBook All 12 Visits

• eBook released by Amazon Kindle May / June 2011

• USD $49.99

• ASIN: B0057XY18C

• ISBN: 978-1-920712-16-7

• Available from Amazon link below



In July 1996 the Australian author, Dr. Garth Pettit, received a phone call from his daughter who informed him that his 3 year old granddaughter had been diagnosed with mild tooth decay in an upper front baby tooth. They were living many miles apart, two full day trips by car. The doctor was angry with himself and with the lack of any decent oral health education available for children or parents.

Dr. Pettit then decided he would end his five years of retirement from private dental practices. He created a mission: Prevent Oral Diseases in Children. Then he set about seeking employment in the Government sector where he would be involved with children, their parents and their schools. In January 1997 he took up duties as District Dental Officer, East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory of Australia and was based in Nhulunbuy, a very beautiful coastal and bauxite mining town. The author thought it to be ideal for his research.

The Nhulunbuy Dental Clinic staff, which included three dentists, serviced several remote, Aboriginal Communities which were accessible only by aircraft. A fourth dentist responsible to him was based on Groote Eylandt. This dentist’s position was half Government and half private practice.

To concentrate more on his research the author, in early 1999, relocated to this position. It was here, in 1999, where he performed a Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat analysis on the instruction Brush Your Teeth, found it to be out-of-date (1497!) and created a better oral hygine instruction Treat Your Mouth. Later changed that to Treat Your While Mouth and finally changed to Paint Your Mouth….because kids just loved the idea to paint your mouth.

The Author’s most recent five star reviewed titles added to his Amazon account are:
Mothers Teach Foetus All About A Smile. Teaching Oral Disease Prevention
GarGar The Dentist Toddlers Activity Books. Book a
GarGar The Dentist Toddlers Activity Books. Book b
Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 of 12 etc. to 12 of 12
Teaching Oral Disease Prevention. 1 thru 12. TThis combines all previous 12 titles into one convenient title.

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